Another Great Visit! We Love Our Friends at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital!

In 1986, Jackie Sherrill’s Southwest Conference Champions became first collegiate team to visit Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. The visit too place prior to the Cotton Bowl.
Thirty-two years later and the relationship between Coach Sherrill, former players, and TSRH is still going strong!
The visit, by Coach and former players on the 12th Man Kickoff Team has become a staple of the 12th Man Kickoff Team Foundation’s outreach. The event takes place annually on the Friday before the Aggies play the Razorbacks in the Southwest Classic at AT&T Stadium.
“We have been so fortunate to live out so many dreams. The opportunity to love on the courageous patients and staff of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital is an absolute honor,” said Dennis Mudd, President of the 12th Man Kickoff Team Foundation.